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We offer broadly understood relocation of machines, from disassembly, through transport, to assembly and commissioning at the target location anywhere in the world.

relocation of machines


We specialize in the assembly and disassembly of industrial machines and the entire process of their relocation. We have the knowledge, experience, and appropriate equipment.

  • disassembly of technological lines
  • preparation for transport
  • relocation of machines
  • provision of the appropriate installations
  • assembly of machines
  • technical documentation
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Relocation of machines - offer
  • Experience

    We work efficiently, safely, and on time with dozens of successfully completed jobs locally and abroad.

  • Qualifications

    We have a team of professionals who will take care of every detail in the relocation process of your machines.

  • Flexibility

    We are ready for the most complex operations under challenging conditions and in remote countries.

About us

Many years of experience, qualified staff, and excellent work organization. These key features give us credibility and the opinion of a trusted partner in the machinery relocation field.

We complete tasks efficiently, on time, and flexibly adapt to the customer's requirements. Operating in many countries, we take into account local technical and legal conditions, thus ensuring maximum safety at every stage of the process. We use professional equipment from reputable brands.

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The gallery of completed jobs confirms our credibility and reliability. It is another motivation and proof of how quickly our company is growing.

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We operate mainly in Europe and Asia, but we also take on challenges around the world. Feel free to contact us.