We relocate machines both on the local and international market. Our staff consists of professionals, and we use professional equipment. We will find the proper solution to any logistic problem.

Disassembly of machines and production lines

The first stage in the relocation process of machines is their disassembly. Based on the received documentation, our qualified employees carry out appropriate tasks to disconnect the device. We pay special attention not to damage any of the elements. The process is appropriately planned and recorded to help with the subsequent assembly in a new location.

Preparing for transport

Machines need to be disassembled into parts to optimize the means and costs of transport. We know from experience which elements require special protection, and we secure them properly. We employ well-tried, proven equipment, and our specialists supervise the entire machine-loading process. We guarantee that your equipment will arrive safely at its destination.

Machine Relocation

We send properly secured machines on their way to the location where they will resume work. We choose the best means of transport, taking into account the costs and safety of the cargo. We minimize the risk of delays. The basis for the efficient relocation of machines is the appropriate planning and professional coordination of tasks. Two things in which we are best.

Provision of Installations

Before the machines are transported, preparing the necessary installations in the new location pays off. This way, we can reduce the downtime to a bare minimum. We cooperate with a team of experienced specialists who will take appropriate measurements and install media. We also help to complete the related formal requirements.

Assembly of Machines

The correct assembly of machines is crucial for their subsequent efficiency. That is why the PON-CHEX expert team takes care of every detail so that a machine is correctly assembled and installed, meeting all safety standards in a given country. We take over the entire process, from the unloading of the machines to their commissioning and tests.

Preparation of Documentation

After the relocation, commissioning, and tests of a production line, we prepare detailed technical documentation. Well-prepared documentation and the machine manufacturer's instructions make it easier to operate and maintain the equipment. We also offer professional consulting and crew training regarding machine operation.


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We operate mainly in Europe and Asia, but we also take on challenges around the world. Feel free to contact us.