About us

Knowledge, experience, responsibility, and timeliness are the basis of our company's rapid growth. In the specific field of machine relocation, these are the key features.

Machine relocation team

Our team

Our staff is a group of experienced and qualified specialists in many areas. We provide professional technical advice at every stage of cooperation with a client.

Machine relocation requires, first of all, perfect planning. However, even the best plan willfail without thoroughly coordinated teamwork. Our professionals have qualifications and knowledge, but what sets us apart from the competition is our creativity, energy, and passion. We are most proud of it and want to build our company growth on these features.

What services do we provide?

  • disassembly of machines, production lines
  • preparation of machines for transport
  • machine relocations
  • provision of installations
  • assembly of machines
  • preparation of documentation
relocation of machines


We relocate machines comprehensively. Our qualified staff supervises each stage of the relocation process. This way, we can ensure the safety and timeliness of the job completion.

Disassembly, transport, and assembly of complex machines is challenging. A mistake may cause delays and financial losses. That is why we precisely plan our activities. We pay attention to every detail, from technical nuances to weather conditions in the target location. Our clients feel that they have entrusted their machines to a reliable, responsible company with an established position in the market.

What industries do we work for?

A machine industry, metal industry, food industry, textile industry, printing industry, automotive industry, mining industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, and many others.



On an ongoing basis, we refine our machine relocation procedures. We anticipate potential problems and react appropriately so that the process will run quickly and efficiently.


Quality of Service

We focus on personalized contact, our staff members' professional and proactive approach, and building a positive image of the company.


Attractive prices

Based on our many years of experience, we have optimized transport and handling costs, which positively affect the final price for a client.


PON-CHEX Piotr Pierowicz

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78-520 Złocieniec

NIP: 2530212432 (PL)

operation range

We operate mainly in Europe and Asia, but we also take on challenges around the world. Feel free to contact us.